Core API

Analyze your texts in detail, in real time.

Core API is an API set providing you with all the linguistic processing capabilities you may need to develop your applications.

If you need for your texts a sentiment analysis able to recognize irony and subjectivity, extract themes and concepts, establish semantic relations among concepts, detect the language or classify automatically according to a class model, Core API is your solution.
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Who can use Textalytics Core API? Benefits

Extract - Recommend - Find

Core API is primarily aimed at the community of developers of applications for different fields, such as:

  • Monitoring and analysis of media

    Core API provides them the essential component of linguistic analysis in this type of applications.
  • Publishing tools

    Online or printed publishing tools, which need to enrich the content they manage with implicit in-text information extracted automatically.
  • Search applications

    Those that require tools to help them characterizing the documents on which to search and the queries made by users.
  • Virtual assistants

    Core API would provide them the information necessary to interpret and guide the conversations between users and assistants.
  • And any other use you may think about and we haven't even imagined yet...
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