Semantic Publishing API

Produce more valuable content, more quickly and with lower costs, and open up new ways of doing business.

New information consumption habits and technological innovation are forcing newspapers, publishers and other content producers to create more valuable and differentiated information products, as efficiently and quickly as possible.

A semantic API to exploit, produce and monetize content

Correct - Organize - Find

Semantic Technology permits to understand the structure and the meaning of digital content, which facilitates its search, integration, production and publication. The Semantic Publishing API provides a series of high-level services that can be implemented in all media and publishing business activities to allow to:

  • Optimize the acquisition of external content and file management thanks to automatic classification and tagging
  • Reduce costs, increase consistency and reduce time in the production of new content through the identification of related information.
  • Develop products that improve the user experience thanks to the modularity of the offer, the enhancement with related content and the advanced information retrieval.
  • Open up new ways of monetizing by distributing and syndicating through various media and incorporating targeted advertising.

Main features

Simple - Thorough - Accurate

The API for Semantic Publishing gathers our experience in projects for this industry and provides high-level services adapted for this type of scenarios. These are some of its features:

  • The most advanced analysis of topics. Unambiguous identification of entities (persons, companies, brands, products...) and of their attributes.
  • Identification of keywords and relevant concepts.
  • Thematic classification based on standard taxonomies (e.g. IPTC).
  • Identification of key information: dates, addresses (physical and virtual), financial amounts...
  • Content enhancement with related information.
  • Possibility of incorporating customized dictionaries and other linguistic resources.
  • Check spelling, grammar and style before publishing.
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Who can use the API? Benefits

Mass media - Publishers - Content companies
  • Mass media, publishers and content companies

    This functionality can be integrated into their file management, writing, editing, publishing processes to provide greater speed and quality and reduce costs.
  • Producers of authoring and publishing tools

    This API permits providers of content management, digital asset management, editing and publication tools (among others) to expand their products’ functionality and possibilities of differentiation.


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