Meaning extraction
Topics, concepts, relations, intentions, opinions, irony of all types of texts: social media, pieces of news, documents...

Easy to use
High-level services tailored to suit your needs.

Flexible and without risks
You only pay for what you actually use.

Multilingual and in real time
For texts in English, Spanish, French...

It easily extracts the meaning from texts in social media and documents of all types.

We are surrounded by free-form texts: social media content, pieces of news, contracts, etc. Textalytics is a text analysis engine that extracts meaningful elements from any type of content and structures it, so that you can easily process and manage it. Textalytics features a set of high-level web services — adaptable to the characteristics of every type of business — which can be flexibly integrated into your processes and applications. If your application can benefit from sentiment analysis or needs to identify people names, locations and companies, or in the event that the success of your nice app depends on automatic classification of contents, Textalytics makes it easy for you.

Get the most of it from minute one

It's very easy to integrate Textalytics’ REST APIs, you only need a license key.

The most user-friendly text analysis engine

Easy - In the cloud - Without risks

  • High-level APIs specific to every application. Much easier to learn, use and integrate.
  • Cloud services. Standard APIs that provide flexibility, availability and productivity both in development and operation.
  • No initial investment required and without risks. No need to buy hardware or software, you only pay for what you use.

The most powerful functionality

Any type of text - Multifunctional - Multilingual

  • For all types of content. Tweets, posts, comments, news, contracts…
  • The most advanced features. Sentiment analysis, ironic text identification, intentions (buying signals), relations, automatic classification, concept extraction, entity recognition, text proofreading, user profiles…
  • Multilingual. Textalytics processes content in English, Spanish, French and other languages.

Solutions specific to each type of business

Optimized - Adapted to the specific application

Textalytics is available in several versions, optimized for every application scenario:

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