Media Analysis API

Make the most of what people say about your company in social and traditional media.

When you need to analyze exhaustively and in real time information coming from diverse and multilingual media, the processing by human experts is not always enough.

A semantic API to analyze mentions, topics, opinions and facts in all types of media

Discover - Organize - Recommend

Semantic technology permits to understand the structure and the meaning of digital content, which facilitates its search, integration, production and publication. The Media Analisis API provides a series of high-level services that can be implemented in all media and publishing business activities to allow to:

  • Detect buying signals of potential customers (social leads). Similarly, identify assistance/support requests and dissatisfied customers who might change providers.
  • Quantify the impact of social conversations on your corporative reputation (brands, products, innovation, social responsibility, etc.). Early warning to potential reputation crises
  • Extract customer insights about problems, needs, reasons… from which to draw ideas for new products.
  • Identify context and meaning in posts and social conversations in order to be able to display customized and relevant advertising.
  • Detect inappropriate or offensive expressions, identify trends and valuable information so as to exploit the user-generated content and manage online communities.
  • Various specific applications: emergency alert, prediction of share values, surveillance for security and defense…
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Sentiment analysis

Extract positive and negative opinions according to the context.

Topics · Entities · Keywords

Identify persons, companies, brands, products, etc. Select the most relevant concepts.

Identify key information

Dates, addresses, user names, e-mails and money amounts.

Thematic classification

Organize information by topic using standard classifications. More than 200 categories hierarchically structured.


For each type of media or language: microblogging, forums, pieces of news, etc.

Results from minute one.

Customized dictionaries

Import your customized dictionaries and linguistic resources.

Who can use the API? Benefits

Reputation - Social Networks - Customer insights
  • Developers of monitoring, media analysis and social CRM tools

    This API allows them to extend their products' functionality and possibility of differentiation.
  • Communication agencies and press clipping services.

    Automatic analysis permits them to provide their customers more complete, adaptable and in real time services, at the same time improving their cost structure.
  • Corporate customers

    All types of companies and organizations can integrate this functionality in their processes so as to develop specific solutions for corporative reputation, emergency alert, etc.
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